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1. What is the year next to 1990 which will have the same calendar as that of the year 1990?

1992 2001 1995 1996

2. On 8th Feb, 2005 it was Tuesday. What was the day of the week on 8th Feb, 2004?

Tuesday Monday Sunday Wednesday

3. If the day before yesterday was Thursday, when will Sunday be?

Day after tomorrow Tomorow Two days after today Today

4. What day of the week was 1 January 1901

Monday Tuesday Saturday Friday

5. The last day of a century cannot be

Monday Wednesday Tuesday Friday

6. How many days will there be from 26th January,1996 to 15th May,1996[both days included]?

102 103 111 120

7. The calendar for the year 2007 will be the same for the year:

2014 2016 2017 2018

8. January 1, 2008 is Tuesday. What day of the week lies on Jan 1, 2009?

Monday Wednesday Thursday Sunday

9. What will be the day of the week 15th August, 2010?

Sunday Monday Tuesday Friday

10. It was Sunday on Jan 1, 2006. What was the day of the week Jan 1, 2010?

Sunday Saturday Friday Wednesday


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