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1. In a 100 metres race. A runs at a speed of 2 metres per seconds. If A gives B a start of 4 metres and still beats him by 10 seconds, find the speed of B.

1.6 m/sec. 4 m/sec. 2.6 m/sec. 1 m/sec.

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2. P runs 1 km in 3 minutes and Q in 4 minutes 10 secs. How many metres start can P give Q in 1 kilometre race, so that the race may end in a dead heat?

210 metre 180 metre 220 metre 280 metre

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3. Two boys A and B run at 4 1⁄5 and 8 km an hour respectively. A having 150 m start and the course being 1 km, B wins by a distance of

325 m 60 m 120 m 275 m

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4. In a 100 metres race, A can beat B by 10 metres and B can beat C by 5 metres. In the same race, A can beat C by

14.5 metre 14 metre 15.5 metre 15 metre

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5. X, Y and Z are the three contestants in one km race. If X can give Y a start of 52 metres and X can also give Z a start of 83 metres, how many metres start Y can give Z?

33.3 m 33 m 32 m 32.7 m

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6. In a race of 600 m. A can beat B by 60 m and in a race of 500 m. B can beat C by 50 m. By how many metres will A beat C in a race of 400 m?

76 metre 74 metre 72 metre 78 metre

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7. A can run 220 metres in 41 seconds and B in 44 seconds. By how many seconds will B win if he has 30 metres start?

8 sec 4 sec 2.5 sc 3 sec

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8. In one km race A beats B by 4 seconds or 40 metres. How long does B take to run the kilometer?

112 sec 110 sec 101 sec 100 sec

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9. In a game, A can give B 20 points, A can give C 32 points and B can give C 15 points. How many points make the game?

120 points 90 points 80 points 100 points

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10. In a game A can give B 20 points in 60 and C 18 points in 90. How many points can C give B in a game of 120?

20 points 22 points 18 points 40 points

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