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1. A alone can do a piece of work in 6 days and B alone in 8 days. A and B undertook to do it for Rs. 3200. With the help of C, they completed the work in 3 days. How much is to be paid to C?

Rs. 375 Rs. 400 Rs. 600 Rs. 800

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2. A can lay railway track between two given stations in 16 days and B can do the same job in 12 days. With help of C, they did the job in 4 days only. Then, C alone can do the job in:

9$ \dfrac{1}{5} $days 9$ \dfrac{2}{5} $days 9$ \dfrac{3}{5} $days 10

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3. A, B and C can do a piece of work in 20, 30 and 60 days respectively. In how many days can A do the work if he is assisted by B and C on every third day?

12 days 15 days 16 days 18 days

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4. P,Q and R together earn Rs.1620 in 9 days. P and R can earn Rs.600 in 5 days. Q and R in 7 days can earn Rs.910. How much amount does R can earn per day?

Rs.40 Rs.70 Rs.90 Rs.100

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5. 10 women can complete a work in 7 days and 10 children take 14 days to complete the work. How many days will 5 women and 10 children take to complete the work?

3 5 7 Cannot be determined

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6. A can finish a work in 18 days and B can do the same work in 15 days. B worked for 10 days and left the job. In how many days, A alone can finish the remaining work?

5 5$ \dfrac{1}{2} $ 6 8

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7. A and B can together finish a work 30 days. They worked together for 20 days and then B left. After another 20 days, A finished the remaining work. In how many days A alone can finish the work?

40 50 54 60

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8. P can complete a work in 12 days working 8 hours a day. Q can complete the same work in 8 days working 10 hours a day. If both P and Q work together, working 8 hours a day, in how many days can they complete the work?

5$ \dfrac{5}{11} $ 5$ \dfrac{6}{11} $ 6$ \dfrac{5}{11} $ 6$ \dfrac{6}{11} $

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9. Twenty women can do a work in sixteen days. Sixteen men can complete the same work in fifteen days. What is the ratio between the capacity of a man and a woman?

3 : 4 4 : 3 5 : 3 Data inadequate

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10. A, B and C can complete a piece of work in 24, 6 and 12 days respectively. Working together, they will complete the same work in:

$ \dfrac{1}{24} $day $ \dfrac{7}{24} $day 3$ \dfrac{3}{7} $days 4 days

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