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1. What is the abundance greenhouse gas in earths atmosphere?

Water vapour Hydrogen Oxygen Carbon dioxide

2. How temperate grassland or shrub-land biome is commonly known as?

Steppe or Pampas Tundra Desert or xeric Cerrado

3. Thickness of stratosphere ozone layer is measured in?

Dobson units Micrometer Angstrom Fathom

4. A mangrove area is situated in which eastern coast of India?

Bhitarkanika Pichavaram Coondapur All the above

5. What is mean by Ecotone?
A. Meeting of two different eco-systems.
B. Mangrove and terrestrial ecosystem are example of Ecotone.
C. This area is very rich in species
Choose the correct answers from the below given code

A only B & C only A, B and C None of the above

6. Black lung disease is otherwise called as?

Pneumoconiosis Anthracosis Black spittle All the above

7. What is mean by dirty dozen?
A. Twelve persistent organic pollutant are listed under Dirty dozen
B. It was listed under Stockholm Convention
Choose the correct answer from the below codes.

A is true B is false A is False and B is True Both A and B are True Neither A nor B are True

8. What are all the factors for increase of harmful algal blooms in the seawater in India?

Discharge of nutrients from estuaries Run off from the land during monsoons Upwelling in the seas All the above

9. Which were all add carbon dioxide to carbon cycle on earth?
A. photosynthesis
B. respiration
C. Decay of organic matter
D. Volcanic action
Choose the correct answer from the below codes.

A,B,C B,C only A and D A,B,C, and D

10. What is carbon credit?

Role of carbon credit is to limit of Carbon dioxide emission Carbon credit are awarded to countries or groups that have reduced greenhouse gases below their emission quota Carbon credit system was ratified in conjunction with Kyoto Protocol All the above.


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