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1. With the reference to food chain in ecosystems, consider the following statements
A. A food chain illustrates the order in which a chain of organisms feed upon each other
B. Food chain are found within the populations of a species
C. A food chain illustrates the number of each organism which are eaten by others
Which of the statements given above are correct?

A only A and B A, B, and C None

2. Correct sequence of eco-system in order of decreasing productivity.

Mangroves – Grasslands – Lakes – Oceans Mangroves –Oceans - Grasslands – Lakes Lakes – Oceans - Mangroves – Grasslands Grasslands – Lakes – Oceans – Mangroves

3. Lion-Tailed macaque found in its natural habitat in which of the following areas?

Tamil Nadu Kerala Karnataka All the above

4. Which of the following Island are suffering from extreme habitat destructions?

New Zealand Madagascar Philiphines All the above

5. What is mean by Hypoxia?

Loss of Oxygen in water Increase of Oxygen in Water Depletion of oxygen in Water None of the above

6. Which of the following is NOT a type of fishing?

Blast Fishing Cyanide Fishing Bomb Fishing Whaling

7. What are all the causes and effects of Anoxic Basin?
A. Stagnation conditions
B. Density Stratification
C. Inputs of organic material
D. Strong Thermo clines
Choose the correct codes from the given below

A only B only Both A and B A,B, C and D

8. What are the causes for Hypoxia?
A. Plant nutrients entering river, lake and oceans during Eutrophication result in phytoplankton blooms. Dense population of phytoplankton bloom reduces Dissolved oxygen during night by respiration
B. With no support from dissolved oxygen, phytoplankton cell die, sink towards bottom and later decomposed by bacteria. Fish and certain invertebrates like crabs and clams on bottom are killed by hypoxic conditions
Choose the correct codes from the given below

A only B only Both A and B Neither A nor B

9. How many Dead Zones are reported in “Global Environment Outlook Year Book” – 2004?

146 148 156 138

10. What are all the requirement of Waste Management?

Educate and inspire people to reduce their waste production Reduce the impact of waste on our environment by reusing or recycling it Extract maximum practical benefits from our waste. All the above


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