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1. What is difference between biome and Biosphere?
A. A biome is a complex community characterized by distinctive climate and vegetation where Biosphere is a portion of earth including ocean and, land soil and atmosphere inhabited by living organism.
B. A biome is a small community characterized by continent in which they are situated where biosphere constitutes the earth where all living organisms are located.
Choose the correct answer from the below codes.

A only B only Both A and B None of the above.

2. What is Geysers and where it is located?
A. A complex of geothermal Power plant situated in Sanfrancisco, California
B. It contains 30 geothermal plants and 1000 wells
Choose the correct answer from the below codes.

A only B only Both A and B None of the above

3. Pain killer which is stronger than Morphine was found in the venom of?

Cone sail Cobra Bat Buckthorn

4. Cambarian explosion occurred around?

650 million years ago 100 million Years ago 530 million years ago 250 million Years ago

5. What do you mean by Cattle rustling?

Theft of Cattle Selling of cattle Buying of Cattle Cattle Rearing

6. Paclitaxel employed in treating breast and ovarian cancer was derived from?

Pacific Yew Tree Oregano Licorice Thyme

7. endangered species of Indian medicinal plants are called?

Podophyllum Phytoplankton Dodo Lemurs

8. According to IUCN Red list status of Red Panda (Ailurus Fulgens) are called?

Endangered species Group of vertebrates Threatened species None of the above

9. Indri-Indri lemur is found in?

Madagaskar Indian ocean island New Zealand Hawaii

10. Which Pairs of an animal and a plant represents endangered organisms in India?

Bentinckia nicobarica Red Panda Makosuchine crocodile Both a and b


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