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11. What is difference between biome and Biosphere?
A. A biome is a complex community characterized by distinctive climate and vegetation where Biosphere is a portion of earth including ocean and, land soil and atmosphere inhabited by living organism.
B. A biome is a small community characterized by continent in which they are situated where biosphere constitutes the earth where all living organisms are located.
Choose the correct answer from the below codes.

A only B only Both A and B None of the above.

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12. What is Geysers and where it is located?
A. A complex of geothermal Power plant situated in Sanfrancisco, California
B. It contains 30 geothermal plants and 1000 wells
Choose the correct answer from the below codes.

A only B only Both A and B None of the above

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13. Pain killer which is stronger than Morphine was found in the venom of?

Cone sail Cobra Bat Buckthorn

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14. Cambarian explosion occurred around?

650 million years ago 100 million Years ago 530 million years ago 250 million Years ago

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15. What do you mean by Cattle rustling?

Theft of Cattle Selling of cattle Buying of Cattle Cattle Rearing

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16. Paclitaxel employed in treating breast and ovarian cancer was derived from?

Pacific Yew Tree Oregano Licorice Thyme

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17. endangered species of Indian medicinal plants are called?

Podophyllum Phytoplankton Dodo Lemurs

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18. According to IUCN Red list status of Red Panda (Ailurus Fulgens) are called?

Endangered species Group of vertebrates Threatened species None of the above

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19. Indri-Indri lemur is found in?

Madagaskar Indian ocean island New Zealand Hawaii

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20. Which Pairs of an animal and a plant represents endangered organisms in India?

Bentinckia nicobarica Red Panda Makosuchine crocodile Both a and b

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