Environment  Bio Diversity

1. Group of vertebrates comprises the highest number of endangered species are called?

Mammals Endangered species Endemic species Both b and c

2. MAB program stands for?

Man and Biosphere Mammal and Biome Man and Biome None of the above

3. Where IUCN is headquarter located?

Morges, Switzerland Sanfransisco, California Delhi, India Albany, Africa

4. Which of the following region has maximum diversity?

Anoxic basin Coral reef Indian Ocean island None of the above

5. Most important reason for decrease of biodiversity is?

Habitat Destruction Extinct of Species Pollution of air and water All the above

6. Blue whale is placed under?

Extinct Species Endangered species Endemic species None of the above

7. conservation within natural habitat is called?

Ex-situ conservation In-situ conservation Habitat conservation None of the above

8. animal symbol of world wildlife fund?

Giant Panda Chiru Dodo Moa

9. Important human activity leading to extinction of wildlife is?

Alternation of natural habitat Destruction of natural habitat Both A and B None of the Above

10. If we uncover half of forest covering of earth, what crisis will be produced at most and at first?

Deforestation Environment will get affected Pollution occurs Some species will be extincted


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