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1. 1981 was the international year of the

Disabled Women Children Blind

2. The United Nations declared 1993 as a year of the

disabled forests girl child indigenous people

3. Rosh Hashanah is the new years day of which communities?

Jews Muslims Hindus Shinto

4. Which of the following festivals is celebrated on Prophet Mohammed birthday?

Id-Ul-Zuha Id-e-Milad Id-Ul-Fitr Muharram

5. India Celebrates February 28 every year as National Science Day because on this day

first Indian Space craft was launched Nehru laid the foundation of Science labs all over India in 1928 C.V. Raman discovered what was later called the Raman Effect Vikram Sarabhai was born

6. The year 1985 was declared as the International Year of

Blind Youth Children GandhiWomen

7. World Human Rights Day is observed on

April 8 December 10 December 7 September 5

8. The birthday of which of the leader in India is observed as Childrens day?

Mahatma Gandhi S.Radhakrishnan Rajiv Gandhi Jawaharlal Nehru

9. The decade 1981-1990 was observed as International Decade for

Peace Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Women Children

10. World Literacy Day is observed on

Sep 5 Aug 6 Sep 8 Oct 24


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