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1. Sun Temple is situated at?

Konark Bangalore Haridwar Kerala

2. Tin Bhiga lease by India to Bangladesh, was a part of

West Bengal Assam Meghalaya Tripura

3. The world famous ajanta caves are situated in

Orissa Andhra Pradesh Kerala Maharashtra

4. Indian Cancer Research institute is located at

New Delhi Calcutta Chennai Mumbai

5. The Golconda Fort is in which state?

Telangana Uttar Pradesh Bihar Karnataka

6. Golden Temple is situated in

New Delhi Agra Amritsar Mumbai

7. The famous Rock Garden is located in which city?

Jaipur Lucknow Simla Chandigarh

8. National Science Centre is located at

Bangalore Bombay Kolkata Delhi

9. The Central Rice Research institute is located at

Rajamundry Madra Cuttack Cochin

10. Central Drug Research Institute is located at

Trissur Nagpur Mysore Lucknow


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