General Studies  Biology

1. Normal body temperature of man is

98.4-98.6oF 96.6-96.8oF 94.4-98.6oF 98.4-99.6oF

2. Thrombocytes is produced by

Bone marrow Liver Panvreas Spleen

3. In manotropa the special type of root which absorbs nourishment is the

Haustoria Mycorrhizal root cilinging root adventitious root

4. The product obtained in the anaerobic respiration of yeast

Lactic acid Pyruvic acid Ethanol Acetic acid

5. Xylem in the plants is responsible for

transport of water transport of food transport of amino acids transport of oxygen

6. autotrophic nutrition requires

CO2 and H2O chlorophyll sun light All the above

7. Example for product of green chemistry is

plastic paper Bio plastic halogen flame retardants

8. India’s first national park/also a tiger reserve

bandhipur corbett manas gir

9. Example of water-borne disease is

scabies dracunculiasis trachoma typhoid

10. Chief component of natural gas

ethane methane propane butane


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