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91. Pick out Iodine deficiency disease

Goitre Anaemia Infertility All

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92. Who coined the term “vaccine and vaccination

Edward Jenner Aristotle Carolus Linnaeus None

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93. Study of algae

Mycology Phycology Bacteriology Virology

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94. Father of Modern botany

Jean baptiste Lamarck Aristotle Carolus Linnaeus None

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95. The book ”Systema Naturae” belongs to

Aristotle Linnaeus Lamarck All

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96. Which of the following is called Farmer’s friends

Snack Grass hopper Earth worm both a and c

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97. Father of Zoology

Aristotle Lamarck Linnaeus None

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98. Study of virus is called

Micro Mycoloy Virology Phycology

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99. Who discovered virus

W.M.Stanley Beijerinck Iwanowsky Pasteur

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