General Studies  Biology

1. Green house gas

Nitrogen oxygen methane helium

2. which is responsible for ozone hole

CFC SO2 NO2 methane

3. Urea biosynthesis takes place in

Blood liver cerebro spinal fluid kidney

4. Bio-degradable plastics are

plastic poly hydroxy butrate poly murate poly Hexose

5. Water loss through skin per day is

1400ml 400ml 600ml 100ml

6. The base of the Thoraxcavity

Diaphragm Ribs Sternum Vertebral column

7. The virus which cause pneumonia is

Ritro virus Rhabtoma virus S.V.virus Cox sackie virus

8. The cell which attack and destroy virus is

B cell T cell Nutrophil Basophil

9. The hyper secretion of STH hormone in adult is resulted in

Acromegaly Dwartism Retarded growth Gigantism

10. The contraction of smooth muscles of uterus is simulated by

Osterogen Progesteron Relaxin Oxytocin


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