General Studies  Biology

1. Number of bones in Human skeleton is

206 216 226 246

2. Excessive intake of vitamin A,D,E,K results in

Vitamin deficiency Vitaminosis Scurvy Pelakgra

3. kidney stones mainly consists of

calcium carbonate potassium calcium oxalate and phosphate sodium

4. Which type of xylem is present in dicot root

Polyarch Xylem Diarch Xylem Monoarch Xylem Tetrach Xylem

5. Ephetrin alkaloid extracted from-----and used to cure----disease

Ephedra,Asthma Ginkoba,Knee pain Pine,Aids Cycas,intestinal worms

6. Pencillin is extracted from

Aspergillus Yeast Penicillium notatum Mucor

7. Number of rod cells seen in retina of eye is

7 million 120 million 16 million 20 million

8. The largest salivary glands

Parotid Sub maxillary glands Sub lingual None of the above

9. Vitamin B is prepared from-----Fungus.

Aspergillus Puccinia Erimothecium Asp Amanida

10. Which one of the following is consider as ducted glands

Pancrease Ovary Testis All the above


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