General Studies  Biology

1. A gland related with insulin hormone is

Adrenal Thyroid Islets of Langerhans testis

2. A hormone secreted by testis is

Oestrogen Progesterone Relaxin Testosterone

3. Which one of the mineral deficiency leads to anemia

Calcium Iodine Iron sodium

4. Name of the bone cancer is

Carsinoma Lympohoma Sarcoma Adenoma

5. Shortest bone of human body is

Ear bone Wrist bone skull bone None

6. Which helps to movement of fishes

Muscles Wings Fins Setae

7. Which is not consider as bacterial disease

Cholera Typhoid Lepracy Malaria

8. cartilages are seen in

Earlobe Nose Respirators tube All the above

9. excretory material of human is

Urea Uric acid Ammonia All the above

10. A hormone helps to control blood sugar level is

Glugagon Insulin both a and b Renin


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