General Studies  Biology

1. anaerobic respiration takes place in

Bacteria Yeast both a and b Insects

2. Which is the decomposer in pond ecosystem

Plants Bacteria frog Phytoplanktons

3. U-V rays can cause

Vomitting Redness of eyes Colour change Skin cancer

4. The complete oxidation of a glucose molecules in aerobic respiration produces-------ATP molecules

36 38 30 2

5. In annelids special kidneys are called

Contractile vacuoles cell membrane excretory tubes Nephridia

6. Which one of the following creates Gall stones

Calcium Sodium crystals cholesterol None

7. The human heart beats------times ina a minute at rest.

80 72 90 110

8. The oldest method of seeding is

seeding by machine dusting planting None

9. Biggest endocrine gland

Adrenal gland pituitary gland Thyroid gland None

10. Power house of the cell

Chloroplast Nucleus Mitochondria Lysosome


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