General Studies  Biology

1. Which is called as Suicidal bags of the cell

Lysosome Centrosome Vacuole Chromosome

2. Who coined the term protoplasm

Watson Robert Brown Camillo Golgi Purkinje

3. cell theory was introduced by

Sehleiden Crick Schwann both a and c

4. Which one of the following is involved in formation of spindle fibres during cell division

Nucleus Centrosome Lysosome None

5. Structure of DNA was proposed by

Watson and Crick Altman and Benda Brown Hooke All

6. Structural and functional unit of living organism is

Nucleus Cell Mitochondria Ribosomes

7. Which one is called Factory of the cell

Nucleus Cell Mitochondria Ribosomes

8. The instrument which is used to magnify the thing placed on the slide is

Telescope Microscope Binocular Periscope

9. The spherical organelle which controls the activities of the cell is

Nucleus Lysosome Ribosome None

10. Which one of the following cell that does not contain nucleus

Nerve cell Blood cell RBC None


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