General Studies  Biology

1. Which of the following is used to cure jaundice

Goose berry Neem Carry meseed Veldt grape

2. 73.Name the tree used in paper industry

Teak Eucalyptus Coconut tree Sandal wood tree

3. deficiency of vitamin c causes

Scurvy Rickets Marasmus Night blindness

4. Which one of the following is synthesized by skin with the help of sunlight

Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin D Vitamin K

5. Disease caused due to protein deficiency

Marasmus Night blindness Anaemia Rickets

6. Pick out the Largest flower

Rafflesla Boabab Redwood Malberry

7. Identify insectivorous plants

Nepenthes Drosera Utricularia All

8. A plant cell differs from a animal cell due to the presence of

Cell membrane Plasma membrane Cell wall None

9. Which one of the following is the parasitic plant

Mushroom Mucor Cuscuta Yeast

10. Identify the tree used for ship building and Railway sleepers

Pine Willow Mulberry Jack fruit


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