General Studies  Biology

1. Pick out the energy currency of the cell


2. Find the one that is not doing symbiotic nutrition

Lichen Mycorrhiza Mucor Rhizobium

3. Which one is mainly concerned with the transport of nutrients,water and minerals,upwards in the plant body

Phloem Fibers Xylem Paranchyma

4. Which one of the following is the dead tissue

Parenchyma Collenchyma Chlorenchyma Sclerenchyma

5. Pick the insecticide which is used to kill root cutting insects

Malathion Metasytod Chloropyriphos Lindane

6. Silver revolution means

Egg production Milk production Fish production Honey production

7. Find out the crops which are grown for oilseeds

Maize Sun flower Rice Wheat

8. The study of structure and function of the cell ic called

Botany Cytology Micro Bio-technology

9. The cells having dense cytoplasm and large nucleus are called

Simple tissue Miristamatic tissue Component tissue None

10. Find out the deficiency disease of vitamin B1

Ber-Beri Scurvy Pellagra Pernicious Anaemia


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