General Studies  Chemistry

1. With tooth paste phenolphthalein gives

Green Blue Pink Red

2. Which is used to remove hardness of water

Sodium carbonate Potasssium carbonate Calcium carbonate None

3. Which is used in fire extinguisher

sodium carbonate Sodium bicarbonate Calcium carbonate None

4. Which is used in preservation of food stuffs

sodium carbonate Sodium bicarbonate Calcium carbonate Sodium Benzoate

5. Which is used to kill the bacteria in drinking water

Bleaching powder Plaster of paris Calcium sulphate Magnesium sulphate

6. Which used to induce blood clotting

Potash alum Plaster of paris Sulphate None

7. Which silver salt used in photography

Agcl AgBr AgI AgNO3

8. Which ion present in Haemoglobin

Fe2+ Fe3+ Cu+ Cu2+

9. Which acid attack the glass


10. The effect of electric current used in electroplating

Heating effect Mechanical effect Chemical effect Magnetic effect


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