General Studies  Chemistry

1. The acid used in car battery


2. The positive terminal of dry cell

Zinc carbon Copper None

3. The normal temperature of human body

36.9oc 28oc 40oc 37oc

4. Which is not a method of transfer of heat

Conduction Convection Absorption Heat radiation

5. Relative mass

1/1780 1/1840 1/1740 1/1400

6. isotope differ in

Atomic mass No.of neutron both a and b Atomic number

7. atomicity of ozone

1 2 3 4

8. Relationship between vapour density and molecular mass

2 x molecular mass=vapour density 2 x vapour density=molecular mass both a and b None

9. Modern periodic table is based on

Atomic Number Atomic Mass Atomic volume Density

10. CHALCOGEN means

Salt Producer Ore forming elements Inert gas All


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