General Studies  Chemistry

1. Which gas is used in Advertisement Lamp

Helium Neon Xenon None

2. Longest period of periodic table

2 4 6 7

3. Rusting of iron is an example of

Slow reaction Oxidation reaction Chemical reaction All

4. Melting of ice is an example of

Endothermic reaction Reversible reaction both a and b All

5. Nucleus of atom contains

Proton Electron Neutron both a and c

6. Which is used in seeding clouds

Potassium iodide calcium carbonate Sulphur di-oxide ammonium Phosphate

7. Tsunami is a example of

Periodic change Non Periodic change Desirable change Undesirable change

8. atomic number of carbon

3 6 8 9

9. Example of alkali

NaOH KOH Ca(OH)2 All

10. At STP volume occupied by one mole of gas

22.4litre 224litre 220litre 2.24litre


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