General Studies  Chemistry

1. Identify the last element accepted by IUPAC

copper chromium cobalt Copernicium

2. Which of the following element present in sun and star

Hydrogen Lithium Helium Both a and c

3. Identify the Lightest metal

Sodium Lithium Hydrogen None

4. The second most abundance of element of the earth crust and also used in computer as chip

Iron Aluminium Silicon Silver

5. Coin metal

Silver Copper Gold All

6. Which is used in spring and anchor

Wrought iron Steel Pig iron All

7. Which metal do not react with alkali

Iron Silver Sodium Magnesium

8. Order of reactivity of metal with water

Na Na>Ca>Mg Ca>Na MgNa

9. Purity of gold in 22 carrot

100% 95% 91.6% 75%

10. Which of the following is a King of metal

Aluminium Iron Copper Sodium


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