General Studies  Modern India

1. When does the English East India company was established?

31 December 1600 26 October 1600 19 November 1600 14 December 1600

2. Who is the Person does Company sent to seek Permission to establish the Company and Where:

Captain Hawkins,Surat Sir Thomas Roe,Surat Francis Day,Ahamadabad St. George, Mumbai

3. In Which Year jahangir Issued Permission to establish East India Company in surat

1621 1631 1613 1615

4. What are all the Cities where the English established the sea-coast of India were grouped under?

Bombay Madras Calcutta All the Above

5. In which year battle of plassey held

1757 1756 1796 1763

6. In which year battle of Buxar held

1789 1757 1796 1764

7. Who was the first Governor of Fort William under the Companys rule?

Robert Clive Sir Thomas Roe Francis Day St. George

8. In which Year the Company appointed Warren Hastings as the Governor of Fort William

1772 1776 1773 1771

9. In whose Period did calcutta became the capital of bengal

Warren Hastings, 1772 Robert Clive,1772 Sir Thomas Roe Captain Hawkins

10. After the abolition of the Dual System the responsibility of collecting the revenue fell on

Board of Revenue Board of Economy Board of Reforms Board of Re-investors


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