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1. When does the English East India company was established?

31 December 1600 26 October 1600 19 November 1600 14 December 1600

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2. Who is the Person does Company sent to seek Permission to establish the Company and Where:

Captain Hawkins,Surat Sir Thomas Roe,Surat Francis Day,Ahamadabad St. George, Mumbai

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3. In Which Year jahangir Issued Permission to establish East India Company in surat

1621 1631 1613 1615

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4. What are all the Cities where the English established the sea-coast of India were grouped under?

Bombay Madras Calcutta All the Above

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5. In which year battle of plassey held

1757 1756 1796 1763

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6. In which year battle of Buxar held

1789 1757 1796 1764

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7. Who was the first Governor of Fort William under the Companys rule?

Robert Clive Sir Thomas Roe Francis Day St. George

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8. In which Year the Company appointed Warren Hastings as the Governor of Fort William

1772 1776 1773 1771

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9. In whose Period did calcutta became the capital of bengal

Warren Hastings, 1772 Robert Clive,1772 Sir Thomas Roe Captain Hawkins

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10. After the abolition of the Dual System the responsibility of collecting the revenue fell on

Board of Revenue Board of Economy Board of Reforms Board of Re-investors

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