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101. "The most unqualified blunder committed in the whole history of the british India" This commentby JJ McLeod points to which among the following wars?

First Anglo Afghan War Second Anglo-Afghan War Third Anglo-Afghan War First Anglo Sikh War

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102. Which of the following act formally made the Governor General of bengal as Governor General of India?

Regulating act 1773 Pitts India act 1784 Charter Act 1813 Charter act 1833

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103. Which among the following included the administrative /Judicial reforms of Warren Hastings?
i. Establishment of a Board of revenue at calcutta
ii. Abolishing the judicial functions of the Zamindars
iii. Appointment of Indian Judges in Criminal Courts Select the correct option from the codes given below:

Only i & ii Only ii & iii Only i & iii i, ii & iii

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104. Where did british first open their factories in Eastern Part of India?

Orissa Assam Bihar Sikim

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105. When East India Company was came into Existence, England was ruled by

Stuarts Normans None of the Option Hanovarians

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106. In bengal, The Headquarters of east india company were located at

Ford St David Ford Williams Ford St George None of the Above

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107. Goa was captured by Portuguese

1479 1600 1575 1510

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108. First Governor- General of bengal

Robert Clive William Bentinck Wellesley Warren hastings

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109. The first Session of the All India congress Held in bombay in 1920, was Presided over by

JL Nehru MM Joshi VV Giri Lala Lajpat Rai

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110. Who founded Ferguson College at pune in 1885

Bharatiya Sewak Samaj Samaj sewa samaj Theosophical Society Decan Educational Society

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