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111. Which of the following statement is not correct regarding Rowlatt Act?

This act was meant to give the government enormous power to repress political activities. Government could arrest anybody without a trial for two years under this act. In response to Rowlatt Act Gandhiji had called for a nationwide campaign in 1991 The tough measures of Rowlatt Act was chaired by Sir Stafford Cripps

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112. Which one of the following statement is incorrect?

Civil Disobedience Movement was started based on the issue of salt Dandi March was started from Gandhijis ashram at Wardha. Gandhi violated the salt laws on April 6, 1930 Salt march was widely covered by the European and American press.

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113. In 1923 by whom swaraj Party was founded?

Motilal Nehru and C.R. Das. Sachin Sanyal and Jogesh Chatterji Gandhiji and Jawaharlal Nehru Abdul Ghaffar Khan and Vithalbhai Patel

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114. The Partition of bengal made by Lord Curzon in 1905 lasted until

the First World War when Indian troops were needed by the British and the partition was ended. King George V abrogated Curzons Act at the Royal Darbar in Delhi in 1911 Gandhiji launched his Civil Disobedience Movement he Partition of India, in 1947 when East Bengal became East Pakistan

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115. The 1929 Session of Indian National congress is of significance in the history of the Freedom Movement because the

attainment of Self-Government was declared as the objective of the Congress attainment of Poorna Swaraj (complete independence) was adopted as the goal of the Congress Non-Cooperation Movement was launched decision to participate in the Round Table Conference in London was taken

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116. The people of India agitated against the arrival of Simon Commission because

Indians never wanted the review of the working of the Act of 1919 Simon Commission recommended the abolition of Dyarchy (Diarchy) in the Provinces there was no Indian member in the Simon Commission the Simon Commission suggested the partition of the country

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117. The congress ministries resigned in the seven provinces in 1939, because.

the Congress could not form ministries in the other four Provinces. emergence of a left wing in the Congress made the working of the ministries impossible. there were widespread communal disturbances in their provinces. None of the statements (a), (b) and (c) given above is correct.

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118. During Indian freedom struggle, the National social Conference was formed. What was the reason for its formation?

Different social reform groups or organizations of Bengal region united to form a single body to discuss the issues of larger interest and to prepare appropriate petitions / representations to the government. Indian National Congress did not want to include social reforms in its deliberations and decided to form a separate body for such a purpose. Behramji Malabari and M.G. Ranade decided to bring together all the social reform groups of the country under one organization. None of the statements (a), (b) and (c) given above is correct in this context.

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119. the most effective contribution made by Dadabhai Naoroji to the cause of India National Movement was that he the economic exploitation of India by the british.
ii.interpreted the ancient Indian texts and restored the self confidence of Indians.
iii.stressed the need for eradication of all the social evils before anything else.

i only ii and iii only i and iii only i, ii and iii

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120. Which one of the following aroused a wave of popular indignation that led to the massacre by the british at jallianwala Bagh?

The Arms Act The Public Safety Act The Rowlatt Act The Vernacular Press Act

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