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141. The Dutch East India Company was founded in ______.

1600 1602 1603 1601

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142. The primary aim of The East India Company was to ______.

To capture the spice trade by breaking the Portuguese monopoly in Asia To capture the Kingdom To capture the France dominance To Establish the Anglo- Indian Kingdom

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143. The first ambassador of the East India Company, who came to India and stayed in jahangirs court from 1609 to 1611 was ______.

Captain Hawkins Captain Chin Kilich Khan Captain James Captain shells

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144. Sir Thomas Roe, another british ambassador, reached jahangirs court in ______.

1615 1614 1612 1617

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145. In 1662, King Charles II of England got the port cities of Tangier and bombay from Portugal as dowry for marrying a Portuguese princess. What was her name?

Catherine Marry Jullee Catherine of Braganza Catherine

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146. The East India Company, established their first factory at what today is known as Madras in the year ______.

1633 1635 1639 1630

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147. In 1619 jahangir granted permission to East India Company to trade in his territories at ______.

Mumbai&Panipat Surat& Hughli Madras&Bombay Bombay& Goa

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148. Who succeeded Aurangzeb in 1707 after his death?

Bahadur Shah I Bahadur Shah II Bahadur Shah III Bahadur Shah IV

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149. The French East India Company was founded in ______.

1664 1665 1632 1655

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150. Who were popularly known as Sayyed brothers of the Mughal empire?

Abdullah Khan and Hussain Ali Khan Bahadur Shah I and Hussain Ali Khan Hussain Ali Khan and Bahadur Shah II None of the Above

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