General Studies  Modern India

1. By whom was the state of Hyderabad founded under the Mughals?

Hussain Ali Khan Chin Kilich Khan Abdullah Khan None of the Above

2. Who invaded India during the period of A.D. 1738–1739? He was the ruler of which country?

Hussain Ali Khan, Mughal Nadir Shah, Iran Abdullah Khan, Mysore None of the Above

3. The single most important power which came into view after the decline of Mughal dynasty was ______.

The Marathas The Gurghas The Hindu Raja Cholas

4. Who was referred as Peshwa during the Maratha rule in India?

Chief Minister Ruler Caption Group of Ministers in Court

5. In Maratha Confederacy during the region of Shahu, name the Peshwa who held power
Between 1720 – 1740.

Baji Rao I Baji Rao II Baji Rao III None of the Above

6. In the context of the Marathas what did the terms Chauth and Sardeshmukhi mean?

Tributes collected by the Marathas Tributes collected by the Gurgas Tributes collected by the Mysore Tributes collected by the Masulipatinam

7. The important Portuguese trade centres in the Western coast of India were ______.

Goa Nagpur Mangalore Mysore

8. In which region the Bhonsles of Maratha dynasty rule?

Goa Nagpur Mangalore Mysore

9. The widowed daughter-in-law of the Holkar ruler Malhar Rao was ______.

Ahalya Bai Catherine Marry Jullee None of the Above

10. Under whose support the dance form- kathak evolved in the region of Lucknow?

Nawabs of Awadh Nawabs of Mysore Nawabs of kasi Nawabs of Marathas


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