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161. The battle of plassey was fought in ______.

1757 1755 1756 1758

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162. Who was the sultan of Mysore who faced the challenge of the british East India company?

Muttuswami Diksitar Tipu Sultan Nawab of Bengal Marathas

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163. The major social and widespread evils in 18th Century India were ______.

Child marriage Dowry Polygamy, Sati All the Above

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164. What were the mediums of higher education till 18th Century?

Sanskrit and Persian English and Persian Hindi and Urdu All the Above

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165. Karnatak tradition of Indian classical music developed in the region of ______.

Madras Thanjavur Kancheepuram Mysore

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166. The original compositions of what is today known as the Karnatak tradition of Indian classical music came to be written by ______.

Tyagaraja Muttuswami Diksitar Syma Sastri. All the Above

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167. In the battle of plassey, in 1757 who was defeated by the East India Company?

Nawab of Bengal Nawabs of Mysore Nawabs of kasi Nawabs of Marathas

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168. In 1761 the third battle of panipat was fought between ______.

Ahmad Shah Abdali Marathas A & B None of the Above

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169. The diwani of bengal was transferred to the East India Company in the year ______.

1765 1766 1768 1763

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170. In 1857 the Last Mughal ruler, Bahadur Shah II, was deposed by the british and sent away to ______.

Rangoon Mysore Marathas Madras

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