General Studies  Modern India

1. Who laid the foundation of railways in India?

Lord Dalhousie Robert Clive Sir Thomas Roe Lord Cornwallis

2. Which Act put an end to the monopoly of the East India Company over the India Trade?

Charter Acts of 1813 Charter Acts of 1815 Charter Acts of 1814 Charter Acts of 1812

3. English was introduced as medium of instruction in ______

1835 1834 1833 1832

4. First Indian railway train service from bombay to Thane was started on ______.

16th April, 1855 20th October, 1855 16th April, 1853 None of the Above

5. british crown took over the Indian Government to end the rule of East India Company in the year ______.

1855 1856 1858 1857

6. Rabindranath Tagore was born on ______.

7th May 1861 21th Feb 1860 7th March 1863 30th May 1865

7. The date of Birth of M. K. Gandhi. is ______.

2nd October 1870 2nd October 1868 2nd October 1869 2nd October 1872

8. First war of Indian Independence, termed sepoy Riots was attempted in ______.

1856 1858 1857 1860

9. The first telegram line in India was started between ______.

Agra and Calcutta Delhi and Calcutta Delhi and Mumbai Amirthasaras and Madras

10. Who introduced the Widow Remarriage Act?

Lord Cunning Lord Lytton Lord Dalhousie Lord Ripon


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