General Studies  Modern India

1. He was the first Viceroy of India and abolished The Doctrine of Lapse

Lord Cunning Lord Lytton Lord Dalhousie Lord Ripon

2. Who introduced The vernacular Press Act, to curb the freedom of Indian Press?

Lord Cunning Lord Dalhousie Lord Lytton None of the Above

3. Who was known as the father of Local Self Government?

Lord Cunning Lord Dalhousie Lord Lytton Lord Ripon

4. Which Viceroys of India had passed the Ancient Monuments Preservation Act and Indian University Act in 1904?

Lord Cunning Lord Dalhousie Lord Lytton Lord Curzon

5. Indian National congress was formed in the year ______.

1885 1884 1886 1887

6. The Minto Morley reforms also known as Indian Council Act was passed in ______ during the tenure of Lord Minto

1900 1905 1909 1907

7. The jallianwala Bagh massacre took place on ______.

13th April 1919 14th April 1918 15th April 1921 13th April 1920


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