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191. He was the first Viceroy of India and abolished The Doctrine of Lapse

Lord Cunning Lord Lytton Lord Dalhousie Lord Ripon

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192. Who introduced The vernacular Press Act, to curb the freedom of Indian Press?

Lord Cunning Lord Dalhousie Lord Lytton None of the Above

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193. Who was known as the father of Local Self Government?

Lord Cunning Lord Dalhousie Lord Lytton Lord Ripon

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194. Which Viceroys of India had passed the Ancient Monuments Preservation Act and Indian University Act in 1904?

Lord Cunning Lord Dalhousie Lord Lytton Lord Curzon

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195. Indian National congress was formed in the year ______.

1885 1884 1886 1887

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196. The Minto Morley reforms also known as Indian Council Act was passed in ______ during the tenure of Lord Minto

1900 1905 1909 1907

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197. The jallianwala Bagh massacre took place on ______.

13th April 1919 14th April 1918 15th April 1921 13th April 1920

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