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21. Warren Hastings also considered the Treaty of Purandar as a

scrap of paper Cancelled operation Acceptable Operation Decline

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22. Captain Popham defeated the Maratha chief, Mahadaji Scindia and captured which city

Mumbai Delhi Varanashi Gwalior

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23. In May 1782__________________ was signed between Warren Hastings and Mahadaji Scindia.

Treaty of Salbai Treaty of Surat Treaty of Purander Treaty of marathas

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24. In which period the The Second Anglo-Mysore War held

1780-84 1775-81 1775-83 1775-80

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25. When did the first Anglo-Mysore War took place

1767-69 1780-84 1775-81 1775-83

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26. The Second Mysore War came to an end by the Treaty of

Guwalir in 1785 Mangalore in 1783. Surat in1785 Purandhar in 1785

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27. A Board of Control consisting of six members was created in

Pitts India Act, 1784 Pitts India Act, 1773 Pitts India Act, 1794 Pitts India Act, 1804

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28. Pitts India Act, 1784 reduced the number of the members of the Governor-Generals Council from

four to three four to two three to one None of the above

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29. When did Warren Hastings resigned and left India

March 1784 December 1784 April 1785 June 1785

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30. Who succeeded Warren Hastings as Governor-General in 1786

Lord Cornwallis Nawab of Oudh. Edmund Burke Nanda Kumar

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