General Studies  Modern India

1. Warren Hastings also considered the Treaty of Purandar as a

scrap of paper Cancelled operation Acceptable Operation Decline

2. Captain Popham defeated the Maratha chief, Mahadaji Scindia and captured which city

Mumbai Delhi Varanashi Gwalior

3. In May 1782__________________ was signed between Warren Hastings and Mahadaji Scindia.

Treaty of Salbai Treaty of Surat Treaty of Purander Treaty of marathas

4. In which period the The Second Anglo-Mysore War held

1780-84 1775-81 1775-83 1775-80

5. When did the first Anglo-Mysore War took place

1767-69 1780-84 1775-81 1775-83

6. The Second Mysore War came to an end by the Treaty of

Guwalir in 1785 Mangalore in 1783. Surat in1785 Purandhar in 1785

7. A Board of Control consisting of six members was created in

Pitts India Act, 1784 Pitts India Act, 1773 Pitts India Act, 1794 Pitts India Act, 1804

8. Pitts India Act, 1784 reduced the number of the members of the Governor-Generals Council from

four to three four to two three to one None of the above

9. When did Warren Hastings resigned and left India

March 1784 December 1784 April 1785 June 1785

10. Who succeeded Warren Hastings as Governor-General in 1786

Lord Cornwallis Nawab of Oudh. Edmund Burke Nanda Kumar


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