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61. The Vellore Mutiny of 1806 took place during whose administration.

Sir George Barlow Wellesley Tipu Sultan Scindia

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62. What is the Period of Lord Hastings

1813-1820 1813-1818 1813-1823 1813-1822

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63. Nepal emerged as a powerful Gurkha state in _______ Year

1768 1770 1769 1766

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64. During which year Hastings declared war against Gurkhas

1814-1816 1814-1815 1815-1816 1816-1817

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65. Which Leader is forced to surrender in the war took place in 1814

Amar Singh Thapa, General of Nepal Army Wasil Muhammad, General of Nepal Army Chitu and Karim Khan. General of Nepal Army None of the above

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66. As a Result of war against Gurkhas which trites is signed up

Treaty of Poona Treaty of Sagauli Treaty of Nagpur None of the above

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67. Third battle of panipat held in which year

1762 1761 1763 1759

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68. In which Year the british Resident Elphinstone forced the Peshwa to sign the Treaty of Poona

11 June 1817 12 June 1817 13 June 1817 14 June 1817

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69. As a result of Third Maratha War which Treaty has been refused to signed

Treaty of Hyderabad Treaty of Mumbai Treaty of Nagpur Treaty of Mysore

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70. The Bhonsle chief, Appa Sahib was Defected in the battle of _______ on November 1817

Battle of Sitabaldi Battle of Nagpur Battle of Mysore Battle of Gurgas

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