General Studies  Physics

1. Who discovered electron

Ruther ford Goldstein Einstein J.J.Thomson

2. The centripetal force of electron around the nucleus is provided by

Magnetic force Nuclear force Electrostatic force of attraction Gravitational force

3. Radio activity is discovered by

Roentgen Mary Curie Henry bequrrel Joliot Curie

4. Unit of radioactivity

becqurrel curie disintegration/second all the above

5. Principle of atom bomb

nuclear fission nuclear fusion thermo nuclear reaction none

6. energy released per nuclear fission

200 eV 26.7 MeV 200 MeV 26.7 eV

7. Rain drop is spherical due to

Buyont force Surface tension Upthrust force Viscous force

8. when temperature decreases,surface tension is

zero not changed increases decreases

9. Instrument measuring atmospheric pressure

Barometer Calori meter Mano meter Rain gauge

10. 1The pressure of fluids depends on

Volume Temperature Density Nature of substance


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