General Studies  Physics

1. Absolute zero is

273oC -273oC 0oC 100oC

2. When a substance is heated its kinetic energy is

zero not changed increases decreases

3. Boiling point of water in kelvin scale

100K 273K 373K 473K

4. Transmission of heat in vaccum

Convection conduction radiation none

5. telescope is invented by

Newton Galelio Franklin Edison

6. When a light travel from rarer to denser medium it deflected

away from normal Towards normal not deflected All

7. Identify the principle of endoscope

Reflection Refraction Total internal reflection dispersion

8. What is the unit of power of lens

Candela Watt Dioptre Decible

9. sound is measured in

Candela Decible Ampere Mole

10. Intensity of sound depends on

Amplitude Wavelength Frequency Time period


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