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1. In which of the following substance speed of sound is high

Kerosene Air Water Aluminium

2. Which of the following is not a transverse waves

Light waves Sound waves Micro waves Rado waves

3. Which effect of sound is used by Bats

Raman effect Doppler effect Tyndal effect Raleigh effect

4. Which of the following magnet used in telephone

permanent magnet electromagnet bar magnet none

5. Indentify the Principle of magnetic Train

Magnetic repulsive force Magnetic attractive force Repulsive force of charge Attractive force of charge

6. The old name of magnet

Magnetite Magnet Iron Bauxite

7. The intensity of sound causes damage to the ear

100 dB 120dB 90dB 75dB

8. When temperature increases,speed of sound is

Decreases Not changed 0 Increases

9. Which microscope is used by watch repairer

Compound microscope Simple microscope Telescope none

10. Primary rainbow is due to

One time total internal reflection two times refraction Two time total internal reflection two times refraction Total internal reflection Refraction


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