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21. In which of the following substance speed of sound is high

Kerosene Air Water Aluminium

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22. Which of the following is not a transverse waves

Light waves Sound waves Micro waves Rado waves

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23. Which effect of sound is used by Bats

Raman effect Doppler effect Tyndal effect Raleigh effect

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24. Which of the following magnet used in telephone

permanent magnet electromagnet bar magnet none

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25. Indentify the Principle of magnetic Train

Magnetic repulsive force Magnetic attractive force Repulsive force of charge Attractive force of charge

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26. The old name of magnet

Magnetite Magnet Iron Bauxite

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27. The intensity of sound causes damage to the ear

100 dB 120dB 90dB 75dB

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28. When temperature increases,speed of sound is

Decreases Not changed 0 Increases

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29. Which microscope is used by watch repairer

Compound microscope Simple microscope Telescope none

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30. Primary rainbow is due to

One time total internal reflection two times refraction Two time total internal reflection two times refraction Total internal reflection Refraction

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