General Studies  Physics

1. Elliptical orbit of electron was proposed by

Prout Bohr Sommerfeld Einstein

2. Unit of stress is

Nm-1 Nm-2 N2m-1 no unit

3. Identify the principle of hydraulic brake

Hookes law Stokes law Pascals law Bernoullis theorem

4. Which one of the following is used to cure Astigmatism

Cylindrical lens Concave lens Bifocal lens All

5. When amplitude is doubled ,intensity is

Increases two times Decreases two times Increases four times Decreases four times

6. Transverse wave propagated in

Solids Liquids Solid,Liquid,Gas Both Solids and Liquids

7. Which one of the following is wind instrument

Guitar Tabla Nadaswaram Violin

8. frequency of ultrasonic sound is

20 Hz 20000Hz 16000 Hz 25000 HZ

9. The method of demagnetization

Heating the magnet Magnet rubbed with another magnet Breaking the magnet Cooling the magnet

10. Identify the strong magnet

Para magnet Ferrro magnet dia magnet None


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