General Studies  Physics

1. Which one of the following is not a magnetic substance

Nickle Copper Iron Cobalt

2. In convex lens object placed at 2F,image formed at

at 2F Beyond 2F At infinity at F

3. For total internal reflection

i=c i>c i i=90

4. Which of the following fuel used in nuclear reactor

U-238 Th-232 U-235 Ra-226

5. X-rays are absorbed by

Gold Silver Aluminium paper

6. The energy produced by sun and star is due to

Nuclear fusion Nuclear fusion Thermo nuclear reaction All

7. Unit of specific heat capacity

Jkg-1k-1 Jkg-1 Jk-1 Jk kg

8. Write the substance in the ascending order on the basis of expansion of heat

Liquid,solid,Gas Solid,Gas,Liquid Solid,Liquid,Gas None

9. Boiling point of water in pressure cooker

100oC 120oC -120oC -13oC

10. What will happen ,when gas is heated

volume and pressure changed Only volume changed Only pressure changed Volume and pressure not changed


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