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41. Sarkaria Commission was concerned with _________.

Judical reforms Electoral reforms Centre-State relations Financial reforms

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42. The authority empowered to make laws in respect to the matters not included in any of the three lists is________.

State Legislatures Parliament Supreme Court President

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43. Writs can be issued for the enforcement of Fundamental Rights by______.

District Courts President The Supreme Court only Both the Supreme Court and the High Courts

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44. Who among the following was the president of Congress during independence?

Jawaharlal Nehru Mahatma Gandhi Maulana Azad Sardar Patel

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45. Which of the following categories of Fundamental Rights incorporate Abolition of Untouchability?

The Right to religion The Right to equality The Right against exploitation The right to freedom

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46. If the president is to resign from office, he should address his latter of resignation to ________.

The Prime Minister The Vice – President The Speaker of Lok Sabha The Chief Justice of India

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47. The Rajya Sabha can take initiative in__________.

Censuring a Minister Creating a New All India Service Considering Money Bills Appointing Judges

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48. The joint sitting of Indian parliament for transacting legislative business is presided over by__________.

The President of India The Senior most Member of Parliament The Chairman of the Rajya Sabha The Speaker of the Lok Sabha

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49. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha has to address his letter of resignation to________.

Prime Minister of India President of India Dy. Speaker of the Lok Sabha Chairman of the Rajya Sabha

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50. Which of the following categories of Rights does the Right to property belong?

Legal Right Fundamental Right Human Right Natural Right

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