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51. Setting up of which one of the following is not stated in the constitution of India ?

Planning Commission Finance Commission Election Commission Union Public Service Commission

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52. A Money Bill in the parliament can be introduced only with the recommendation of the—

President of India Union Cabinet Speaker of the Lok Sabha Union Finance Minister

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53. Panchayats at the intermediate level may not be constituted in a state, having a population less than—

Ten Lakhs Fifteen Lakhs Twenty Lakhs Twenty five Lakhs

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54. Who has been the only Lok Sabha Speaker to have become the president of India ?

Gyani Zail Singh V. V. Giri Neelam Sanjiva Reddy K. R. Narayanan

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55. What does the Constitution (Ninety Second Amendment) Act, 2003 deal with ?
ds) Making right to free and compulsory education a fundamental right
Who among the following is the Chairman of the Steering Committee to oversee the functions of the National Authority Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) ?

Creation of a separate National Commission for Scheduled Tribes Cyber Crime Inclusion of Bodo, Dogri, Maithili and Santhali languages in the Eighth Schedule The President

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56. Who presides over the joint sitting of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha ?

The Prime Minister The National Security Adviser The Cabinet Secretary The Speaker of the Lok Sabha

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57. The electoral college that elects the Vice-President of India consists of—

The Vice-President The President The Union Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Members of Rajya Sabha only

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58. Which one of the following political theories advocates the withering away of the state and ushering in a new society in which there will be no state and no ceasses ?

Elected members of both the houses of Parliament Members of both the houses of Parliament Members of the Rajya Sabha and the Legislative Assemblies of states Liberalism

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59. Recently, who among the following took over as Chief election Commissioner from B.B. Tandon ?

Democratic Socialism Marxism Fabian Socialism M. Damodaran

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60. When did the United Nations Organization come into existence ?

N. Gopalaswamy Y. V. Reddy S. Y. Qureshi October 24, 1945

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