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1. According to the Preamble of the Constitution, India is a—

October 24, 1943 November 26, 1945 November 26, 1943 Sovereign democratic socialist republic

2. Consider the following statements—
i. In the Lok Sabha, 12 members are nominated by the president of India.
ii. In the Rajya Sabha, a maximum of 2 members of the Anglo-Indian community can be nominated by the president of India.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?

Sovereign socialist secular republic Sovereign democratic republic Sovereign socialist secular democratic republic i only

3. Who among the following has not been a Chief Justice of India ?

ii only Both i and ii Neither i nor ii s R. C. Lahoti

4. Who among the following had the longest tenure as the Prime Minister of India ?

G. B. Pattanaik S. S. Gill V. N. Khare Morarji Desai

5. Who presides over the meetings of the Lok Sabha?

Charan Singh V. P. Singh Lal Bhadur Shastri Speaker

6. Where is the headquarters of the UNO ?

Vice President Prime Minister President Geneva

7. What is the maximum time interval permissible between two successive sessions of the parliament">parliament ?

The Hague New York Paris Four months

8. What is the minimum age laid down for a candidate to seek election to the Lok Sabha ?

Six months Eight months Nine months 18 years

9. Which are the two states (other than UP) having the highest representation in Lok Sabha ?

21 years 25 years 30 years Bihar and Madhya Pradesh

10. What is the period of appointment of the Comptroller and auditor General of India ?

Bihar and Maharashtra Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan 6 years


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