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71. The Finance Commission is premarily Concerned with recommending to the president about—

6 years or 65 years of age whichever is earlier Upto 65 years of age Upto 64 years of age The principle governing grants in aid to be given to the states

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72. The parliament can make law for the whole or any part of India for implementing international

Distributing the net proceeds of the taxes between the centre and the states Neither a) Nor b) Both a) and b) With the consent of all the states

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73. Rajya Sabha can delay the Finance Bill sent for its consideration by the Lok Sabha for a maximum period of—

With the consent of majority of states With the consent of states conerned Without the consent of any state One month

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74. The first day session of the Indian Constituent Assembly was chaired by—

One year Seven days Fourteen days Dr. Rajendra Prasad

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75. Which one of the following is not a department in the Ministry of Human Resource Development ?

Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Dr. Sachchidanand Sinha Department of elementary education and literacy

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76. Who is known as the First Law Officer of India ?

Department of Secondary and Higher Education Department of technical education Department of women and child development Chief Justice of India

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77. The Comptroller and auditor General is appointed by the president. He can be remvoed—

Law Minister of India Attorney General of India Law Secretary By the President

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78. Who will decide the office of profit ?

On the address from both Houses of Parliament By the Supreme Court On the recommendation of the President by the Supreme Court President and Governor v

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79. f it is desirable to establish a presidential form of government in India, the foremost and immediate amendment has to be made affecting the–

Union Parliament Supreme Court Union Public Service Commission System of Judiciary

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80. Any dispute regarding the violation of Fundamental Rights can be presented–

Composition of the Parliament Powers of the Executive Provisions of the Fundamental Rights In any court of the country

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