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81. Who amongst the following can be removed without Parliaments resolution?

In the Supreme Court only In the High Court only In either Supreme Court of High Court Governor of a state

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82. If a question asked by a Member of parliament is a starred one, he will get–

Any judge of the Supreme Court Any judge of a High Court Chief Election Commissioner A written answer

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83. According to the provisions of the Constitution, which one of the following can be abolished?

An oral answer Answer in the Zero hour No answer Legislative Assembly

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84. Which of the following conditions is necessary to make party system successful?

Legislative Council Rajya Sabha Lok Sabha Political parties should be organised on caste basis

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85. Ultimate object of a political party is–

Political parties should give more importance to the local problems than national issues Political parties should try to solve the economic and political problems Political parties should not allow the people to take active interest in the politics To contest election

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86. Political equality means–

To expose the weakness of rival political parties To form and run their own government according to their own policies To increase their strength or membership Every citizen should be given political education

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87. Adult franchise is disadvantageous–

Every citizen should be given a chance to work in the government turn by turn Every citizen should be given right to vote and contest election Every citizen should be a member of any political party If the people cast their votes in favour of those candidates who give them money

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88. Some articles of the Constitution of India were enforced even before 26th January, 1950, when were they enforced?

If the votes caste their votes to the candidates belonging to their own castes or religion and not to the able candidates If the people caste their votes thought lessly In all the above cases December 24, 1949

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89. For the Minority Representation, which of the following method is adopted?

October 26, 1949 November 26, 1949 December 26, 1949 Proportional Representation System

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90. Indian constitution, for the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, provides–

Separate Electorate System Joint Electorate with Reservation of seats system All the above Separate Electorate System

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