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31. Khadar soils are preferred over Bhangar soils for crop cultivation because
1. Khadar soil are composed of fine particles than that of Bhangar soil.
2. Bhangar soils lack in kankar nodules.
Choose the correct reason from the codes below.

1 only. 2 only. Both. none of the above.

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32. Why black soils are treated with cement or hydrated lime during Roadways and railways construction? Consider the reasons
1. To overcome problems of volume changes due to alternate expansion and shrinkage
of soils.
2. To prevent soil erosion during wet season.
3. To improve bearing capacity of the soil.
Choose the correct reason from the codes below.

1, 2 only. 2, 3 only. 1, 3 only. All the above.

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33. Although laterite soils are formed in regions with high rainfall and high temperature, it requires good dosage of manures. What are the reasons?
1. Intense leaching because of high rainfall.
2. lack or less availability of humus.
Choose the correct code from the following

1 only. 2 only. Both . None of the above.

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34. rocks. The same soil turns yellow when the iron diffused gets turned into hydrated form.
These soils occur generally in the drier regions of Eastern and Southern India and not in the
salts are brought from the shallow depth where the saline ground water table exists.
salination can be caused by natural processes such as mineral weathering or by the gradual
withdrawal of an ocean. It can also come about though artificial processes such as irrigation.
salinity from irrigation can occur over time wherever irrigation is used; since almost all
water (even natural rainfall) contains some dissolved salts. When the plants use the water,
dissolve chemicals and carry them into the underground water supply. Thus also causing
less irrigated or rainfall water as it has a very good capability to retain moisture.
The usage of manures and fertilizers per hectare is quite low in India compared to other
cannot much impact production provided electricity and water supply is made available for
the farmers.
Urad is drought resistant crop thus grown in regions even if the rainfall variability is very
states mentioned in the 2nd statement.
Well drained gentle sloped soils are required and rugged topography is not suitable for tea
Land holdings are very small due to inheritance law prevalent in the country and high
population mounts pressure on the land holdings to be utilized in an intensive way so as to
cater the demand for food from huge population. Farmers work with the help of family
labour and use of machinery is limited and most of the agricultural operations are done by
manual labour. Farm yard manure is used to maintain the fertility of the soil. In this type of
Sugarcane grown in subtropical region has lower productivity than that is grown in tropical regions.
Consider the following statements about subtropical region ie Northern India which has low productivity in sugarcane production.
1. Frost formations.
2. Floods and water logging.
3. High diurnal temperature.
4. Low humidity.
Choose the correct reason/s from the codes below.

1, 2 only. 2, 3 only. 3, 4 only. 1, 2, 3 only.

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35. The productivity in the Indian agriculture has stagnated since 1990s although the usage of fertilizers has considerably increased since then. What is/are the possible reason/s?
increase in the productivity cannot come through increase in the usage of fertilizers.

Unscientific usage of fertilizers. Agriculture productivity in India has reached a zenith position and any further Increasing monsoon vagaries because of Climate Change. Both 1 and 3.

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36. What are the factors that have favoured the Wheat production in North West India?
1. Western disturbances.
2. Fertile alluvial soil brought down mainly by Indus and ganga river system.
3. Semi arid region.
Choose the correct code from the following.

1, 2 only. 2, 3 only. 1, 3 only. All the above.

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37. Although green revolution brought a great success for our country during later 1960s it also brought in few negatives. What are those negatives?
1. Inter crop disparity.
2. Inter personal inequalities.
3. Environmental pollution.
4. Regional economic disparity.
5. Unemployment.
6. Self sufficiency in all types of agricultural crop production.
Choose the correct code from the following.

1, 2, 3 only. 1 , 3, 4, 5 only 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 only. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 only.

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38. Consider the statements regarding a particular valley which was in the news recently.
1. It is a part of Gangotri National Park.
2. It is a cold desert and looks like a replica of Tibetan plateau.
3. It is home for Snow Leopard.
Which is that valley?

Nellong valley. Kashmir valley. Alaknanda valley. Bhagirathi valley.

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39. Central Zoo Authority, a body set up in 1992 for the oversight of zoos.
Consider the following statements regarding CZA.
1. It is set up under the Wild Life Protection Act, 1972.
2. It is an affiliated member of World Association of Zoos and Aquarium.
3. It doesnt have the power to regulate the trade of endangered species.
Choose the correct statements from the following code.

1, 2 only. 2, 3 only. 1, 3 only. All the above.

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40. The trees found in Western side of Western Ghats and in the Northeast region
generally dont shed their leaves i.e they are evergreen. What are the possible reasons?
1. These regions do not have prolonged dry season.
2. These regions dont have severe winters.
3. These regions have the humidity level beyond 75% almost throughout the year.
Choose the correct reason/s from the codes below.

1 only. 2 only. 1, 2 only. All the above.

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