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41. In Tamil Nadu region, evergreen forests are found despite hot and dry summers with temperature of about 28 degree Celsius. What is/are the reason/s?
October to December.

Annual rainfall of about 100cms mostly from the North East monsoon winds during A humidity of more than 75% throughout the year. Red and yellow soil found in Tamil Nadu region can retain moisture well. Both 1 and 2.

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42. Himalayan yew is a plant found in Himachal Pradesh and arunachal Pradesh was in news recently. Consider the following statements regarding the plant.
1. It is a medicinal plant.
2. A chemical compound called Taxol obtained from the plant is used as an effective
anti-TB drug.
Choose the incorrect statements from code below.

1 only. 2 only. Both are true. None of the above.

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43. Enrich plantation is something in which a single commercially valuable species is extensively planted in a region and other local species are eliminated.
Consider the statements regarding Enrich plantation.
1. Teak monoculture has damaged the natural forest majorly in Northeast India which
was earlier introduced by British.
2. Chir, Pine plantations in the Himalayas have replaced the Himalayan Oak and
Rhododendron forests.
Choose the correct statements from the code below.

1 only. 2 only. Both. None of the above.

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44. Few forests in India are protected under the name of Sacred Grooves.
Consider the following statements regarding Sacred Grooves.
1. It is a nature worship which is an age old belief based on the premise that all the
creations of the mother Nature have to be protected.
2. It is recognized under Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.
Choose the correct statement/s from the following code.

1 only. 2 only. Both. None of the above.

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45. Migration is an unavoidable worldwide phenomenon. Which among the following is/are the not the push factors for rural to urban migration especially in India.

Unemployment. Health and education facilities. Monsoon vagaries. Caste disabilities.

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46. Developing countries like India has an adverse sex ratio of less than 1000 while in developed countries it is more than 1000. [Sex ratio: It is the number of females in a country for every 1000 males] What is/are the possible reason/s with reference to India?
1. Social disadvantages that female face like female foeticide, female infanticide,
domestic violence etc.
2. Stopping at one child ie couples restrain themselves from going for second child
provided the first child born is male.
Choose the correct code from the following.

1 only. 2 only. Both. None of the above.

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47. Which is/are the country/s in the world to use Gross National Happiness to measure the progress of the country?
Consider the countries.
1. India.
2. Bangladesh.
3. Sweden.
4. Bhutan.
Choose the country/s from the code below.

1, 4 only. 2, 4 only. 3 only. 4 only.

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48. Consider the statements regarding our solar System.
1. pluto is the largest dwarf planet revolving around the Sun.
2. Every planet except Venus rotates from West to East just like Earth on its own axis.
3. It is nuclear fusion which takes place within the Sun which releases huge heat
Choose the correct statements from the following code.

1, 2 only. 1, 3 only. 2, 3 only. 3 only.

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49. Earth although has an average density of 5.5 g/cm^3, its core has a density of more than 11 g/cm^3. What are the possible reasons?
1. Core is formed of materials like iron, nickel etc which has higher density.
2. Incumbent pressure from the overlaying rocks.
3. High temperature prevalent in the core region [more than 5000 degree Celsius].
Choose the correct code from the following.

1, 2 only. 2, 3 only. 1, 3 only. All the above.

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50. There are different discontinuities within the Earths internal structure. Which are the discontinuities that have been incorrectly matched with its/their respective locations?
1. Mohorvic discontinuity -- boundary between Core and Mantle.
2. Wiechert-Gutenberg discontinuity -- boundary between crust and Mantle.
3. Conrad discontinuity – located at a depth of 15-20kms from the Earths surface.
Choose the correct code from the following.

1, 2 only. 2, 3 only. 3 only. 2 only.

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