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1. Which of the following does not deal with exceptions?

throws throw finalize finally

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2. URL throws an exception called

IllegalURLException URLException MalformedHostException MalformedURLException

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3. Event handling is done by objects which

Contain code for running an applet Contain code for creating a window Contain code for responding to an event generated by a logical input device Contain code for responding to program generated exceptions

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4. Which class is base class for all exceptions?

String Error Throwable RuntimeException

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5. Java’s exception handling mechanism is meant to handle

only compile time errors only syntax errors only runtime errors both runtime and compile time errors

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6. When the JVM runs out of memory, which exception will be thrown?

MemoryBoundException OutOfMemoryError OutOfRangeException NullReferenceException

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7. In Java programming environment, the throw keyword is used

to generate exception programmatically to throw exception object to catch exception object none of the above

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8. Which exception is thrown by read() method ?

Exception FileNotFoundException ReadException IOException

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9. Attempting to access a character that is outside the bounds of a StringBuffer results in a

ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException StringOverFlowException StringException StringIndexOutOfBoundsException

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10. Exception and Error are immediate subclasses of a class called

Object Throwable AWT Panel

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