Programming  Java  Fundamentals

1. Java Source Code is compiled into ______________.

.Exe Bytecode .Obj Source Code

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2. Which of the tool is used to compile java code ?

javac jar javadoc java

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3. jar stands for _____________.

Java Archive Runner Java Archive none of these java Application Runner

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4. Which of the following is not a keyword in Java.

abstract finalize boolean assert

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5. Single line comment starts with _________ in Java.

/* // None of these /**

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6. The new operator

returns a pointer to a variable creates a variable called new obtains memory for a new variable tells how much memory is available

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7. Which of the following statement is correct?

For positive numbers, result of operators >> and >>> are same Java provides two operators to do left shift <<< and << >> is the zero fill right shift operator >>> is the signed right shift operator

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8. Java language has support for which of the following types of comment ?

block, line and javadoc javadoc, literal and string javadoc, char and string single, multiple and quote

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9. Command to execute a compiled java program is :

javac java run execute

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10. The java compiler

creates executable translates java source code to byte code creates classes produces java Interpreter

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