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1. Which of these keywords is used to define packages in Java?

pkg Pkg package Package

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2. Which of these is a mechanism for naming and visibility control of a class and its content?

Object Packages Interfaces None of the Mentione

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3. Which of this access specifies can be used for a class so that its members can be accessed by a different class in the same package?

Public Protected No Modifier All of the mentioned

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4. Which of these access specifiers can be used for a class so that it’s members can be accessed by a different class in the different package?

Public Protected Private No Modifier

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5. Which of the following is correct way of importing an entire package ‘pkg’?

import pkg. Import pkg. import pkg.* Import pkg.*

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6. Which of the following is incorrect statement about packages?

Package defines a namespace in which classes are stored. A package can contain other package within it. Java uses file system directories to store packages. A package can be renamed without renaming the directory in which the classes are store

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7. Which of the following package stores all the standard java classes?

lang java util java.packages

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8. Math class belongs to the package

javmath java.lang java.util none of these

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9. What class must be extended by all event classes?

javutil.EventListener java.awt.AWTEvent java.util.EventObject java.awt.event.InputEvent

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10. What is the name of the Collection interface used to represent elements in a sequence?

Collection Set List Map

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