Programming  Java  Principles

1. In Java Inheritance

all fields of a class are private all fields of a class are protected a new class is derived from an existing class none of these above

2. Primary purpose of inheritance is

code reuse overloading overriding ignoring irrelevant features from a software

3. Which of the following modifiers can be used to disallow a method from being overridden?

final transient volatile none of these above

4. In Java programming an object can take many forms. This feature called

Abstraction Polymorphism Encapsulation Inheritance

5. A method cannot be overridden if it is qualified by which one of the following modifier?

friendly final static none of these above

6. Multiple inheritance is possible in java by means of

package object interfaces class

7. Method overloading

is a technique for implementing abstraction is a technique for implementing polymorphism is a technique for implementing encapsulation none of the above

8. Which of the following keyword is used to invoke superclass of an overriden method?

native new super static

9. Which method/methods cannot be overridden?

static final only a. both a and b

10. Select the correct statement

Method overloading is called compile time polymorphism Method overriding is called runtime polymorphism Only b. is correct Both a. and b. are correct


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