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1. Which of these class is used to make a thread?

String System Thread Runnable

2. Which of these interface is implemented by Thread class?

Runnable Connections Set MapConnections

3. Which of these method of Thread class is used to find out the priority given to a thread?

get() ThreadPriority() getPriority() getThreadPriority()

4. Which of these method of Thread class is used to Suspend a thread for a period of time?

sleep() terminate() suspend() stop()

5. Which function of pre defined class Thread is used to check weather current thread being checked is still running?

isAlive() Join() isRunning() Alive()

6. What is multithreaded programming?
Which of these are types of multitasking?

It’s a process in which two different processes run simultaneously. It’s a process in which two or more parts of same process run simultaneously. Its a process in which many different process are able to access same information. Process based

7. Which of these packages contain all the Java’s built in exceptions?

Thread based Process and Thread based None of the mentioned javio

8. Thread priority in Java is?

java.util java.lang Integer

9. Which of these statements is incorrect?

Float double long By multithreading CPU’s idle time is minimized, and we can take maximum use of it.


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