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If power of a lens is -0.5 dioptre focal length and type of lens is

2 m, concave 2 m, convex 50 cm, concave 50 cm, convex

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Find the odd one out :
Related with heat in one action.

Conduction Convection Absorption Radiation

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Doordarshan provides free-to-air DTH service as
I. Ku - band
II. DD direct +
III. S band
IV. K band

I only I and II only III only I and IV only

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Match the following :
(a) Force 1. Watt
(b) Momentum 2. Joule
(c) Power 3. Kg.$ms^{-1}$
(d) Energy 4. Newton
(а) (b) (c)(d)

4 1 2 3 3 2 1 4 3 1 2 4 4 3 1 2

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Choose the correct one :
If kerosene, water and mercury is taken in a same glass tumbler, arrange the position of
them from the top to the bottom of the glass tumbler.

Mercury, Kerosene, Water Kerosene, Water, Mercury Water, Mercury, Kerosene Kerosene, Mercury, Water

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How many electrons are there in one coulomb charge?

1.6 x $10^{-19}$ electrons 6.25 x $10^{18}$ electrons 6.25 x $10^{-18}$ electrons 1.6 x $10^{19}$ electrons

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A bullet of mass 15 g is horizontally fired with velocity 100 $ms^{-1}$ from a pistol of mass 2 kg.
Total momentum of the pistol and bullet before firing is equal to

zero 201,5 kg $ms^{-1}$ 215 kg $ms^{-1}$ 200 kg $ms^{-1}$

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If you stand in a rectangular room, where two adjacent walls are covered with plane
mirrors, the total number of your images will be

infinity 1 3 0

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Audible range of rabbit is

100 - 32,000 Hz 1000–1,50,000 Hz 1,000 - 1,00,000 Hz 900 - 2,00,000 Hz

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Name the Battery that shuts down on over heating and restarts when the temperature
becomes cool

Sodium ion Lithium ion Carbon ion Potassium ion

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